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Thin Clients - Real benefits

The concept of Thin Client delivers a whole list of tangible financial benefits:

Dramatically decreases an organization's IT costs by up to 80% through reduced staff and centralised software maintenance. Thin Clients can be remotely upgraded, repurposed and reconfigured without IT support ever visiting the desktop. Physical installation is simple, and can be done by a non-technical employee in minutes.

Greatly simplifies software upgrade across the organisation – it’s only done on the server, not on clients. This is especially effective for geographically distributed organizations: no local IT manager is required at branch offices, and travel costs for IT support are reduced to zero.

Eliminates desktop PC hardware upgrade and puts an end to the expensive PC upgrade spiral. Upgrade the processor, or add more RAM to the server, and all users on the network get a performance boost without changing the Thin Client.

Increases end-user productivity - employees only have access to relevant and authorized applications (unauthorized software downloads from the Internet such as games and plug-ins are not allowed!).

Provides higher reliability - clients have no moving parts to wear out such as hard drives or power-supply fans (175,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures vs. 20-30,000 MTBF for a PC), and unauthorized and unreliable software such as games or freeware cannot be installed by end-users. They can also be put in environments that are too hostile for a PC (outdoor kiosks, schools, factory floor, airport/train station etc.).

Provides higher security – all data is stored and backed-up only on the server. Theft of a Thin Client does not endanger confidential information as no data is stored locally. Thieves also quickly realize that a Thin Client is worthless without connection to a server!

Thin Clients are virus-proof: there is no way for a Thin Client to become infected!

Reduces power consumption – Thin Clients typically consume 80% less power than their PC counterparts.

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